Are you supposed to tip movers? We get this question all the time. The answer is "no". Or, "yes". It kinda depends, so let us explain. The first thing to know is that, no, movers do not generally "expect" tips for their service.Unlike other gratuity based jobs, professional movers often get paid a baseline wage by their employers.

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How much do you tip movers for a long distance move? forget about percentage-based tipping. Instead, use the universal tipping formula above: a good amount to tip long distance movers is around $5/hour per mover if they do a satisfactory job, or you can round up the tip to $40/day per mover.

The rule of thumb is to tip 5 percent to 10 percent of the total cost, which is then divided between the movers. For example, if you’re moving the contents of a three-bedroom house a long distance with a total move cost of $2300, you should give each set of movers $115 to split between the number of people helping you move.

How much should you tip house movers in the event of local move? The only difference between a local move and cross country move is the distance that the moving truck will travel to your new home. All the packing, lifting, carrying, loading, etc., involved in the two types of residential moves, remain a constant.

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Calculating how much to tip movers is, like any other service situation, based on the total amount you are spending and the quality of the move. In most cases, a 5 percent tip is pretty standard. Some say 5 percent of the bill should be given to a foreman for him to split amongst the crew.

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